Thursday, 4 July 2013

What sort of things are you looking for when choosing a cool Fall wedding invite

This post is for my readers to tell me what they would like in their Fall wedding invitations. I decided to focus on cool Fall wedding invitations as Summer is normally the time when people are looking for these type of invites. When Fall approaches I will move to Winter themed invites and when Winter approaches I shall move to Spring themed ones and so forth. I can guess that many of you will want Fall leaves and trees and maybe simple invites with Fall colors, but perhaps there is something unique you would like to see? How about a Halloween themed wedding? Fall can also be associated with Harvest and the beginning of the American football season.

Whenever I get responses I will either look for invitations featuring the things you want or speak to some great designers I know and ask them to create these

Oak Tree Wedding Invitations for Fall

Fall is fast approaching and if you are planning to get married this Fall and would like a themed wedding invitation you may be interested in the Oak tree Fall wedding invite shown directly below.

I only shown cool wedding invitations here that I would personally use myself. I do love this one and there are lots of reasons why! Firstly it is perfect for someone get married in late September right through to November; that is not to say you cannot use it at any other time of the year. It features an Oak tree with Fall colored leaves (orange and brown) as well as a heart with letters on tree. I remember people carving their initials on trees when I was at school so if you did this you may love this cool fall wedding invitation.

This is only an example of what you can write on this invite and you can customize it however you choose. You can order these in bulk; there is normally a saving if you do so and they are available in different sizes as well as different colors. These start from less than $2. You can even buy matching RSVP and thank you cards

One of the best sellers for July as we speak

Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to pick your wedding invitations

Picking a wedding invitation can be one of the most difficult things and as wedding planning involves lots of decisions it is important to try and reduce stress as much as possible. Fortunately there are some questions you can ask yourself before you choose in order to make the decision easier.

1) What color of invite would you like? Are you going for a particular theme, i.e. vintage, floral, rustic, etc? Perhaps you have no theme in mind. If not then pick one or two colors. These could be the colors of your bridesmaid or flower girl dresses. Maybe you are getting married in the Autumn and want Fall colors. If you are getting married in summer you may want Beach theme or sunflower theme invites. Once you have decided on colors and or theme you can start looking at designs.

2) Budget - You may set a particular budget for your invites and this may determine which of the designs to go for. Normally simple designs are cheaper than more extravagant ones as the designer adjusts their fee depending on how much effort and work they had to put in to create the invite. Please remember that quite often invites work out much cheaper when bought in bulk so always price based on the number of invites you need.

3) Decide how many you need. You should make a list of everyone you want to invite and count the numbers before ordering any invitations.

Welcome to Cool Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a wedding sometime soon? If so you may be interested in browsing some cool wedding invites. In many cases future brides have a particular theme in mind and know what color scheme they want to use but in other instances they are looking for some inspiration and I am hoping this site can help. You will find everything under the sun here from sunflower wedding invites to surf themed invites. There will be lots of different colored items too so that there is something everyone likes. Please feel free to comment if you would like to see a particular style of wedding invitation featured. I hope you have fun looking at this site and planning your wedding.